How to Create Engaging Financial Services Content

Is your business looking to win new customers, boost brand exposure, and build trust with customers? If so, a strong content marketing strategy could be your answer.

Whether you’re a small firm of accountants or an established investment fund, creating engaging online content can be a powerful source of growth.

However, creating copy for the financial sector requires a unique approach. When you’re responsible for managing other peoples’ money, it’s important to promote your services in a way that reflects a similar level of competence and responsibility.

Join us as we share our top content marketing tips for your financial services firm to win new customers through the power of carefully crafted content.

What Makes Good Website Content for Financial Services Firms?

There’s no magic formula for success with online content. However, there are plenty of simple steps your business can take to engage with the right audience and ensure your content hits the mark.

The average content marketing strategy costs 62% less than traditional approaches and generates approximately three times more leads.

Here are our top tips for creating an effective content marketing strategy for your financial services firm.

Confidence is Key for the Best Financial Services Content

Producing regular online content is a great opportunity for your business to build trust with its customers and establish a reputation as a reliable source of information.

Whether you’re writing about important new legislation or offering expert saving tips, it’s important to instil a sense of confidence into your customers. People like to know their dealing with a service provider who knows what they’re talking about.

Adopt a clear tone of voice and avoid using too much technical jargon. The world of finance can be a scary place at times — it’s important to make things sound as easy as possible to avoid confusion.

Keep Up with the Times

The ultimate secret to success for driving engaging is to create topical content which moves with the times.

As laws are always changing and financial markets can fluctuate, your financial services firm needs to keep its audience up-to-date with the latest industry news.

Try to jump on trending topics when they’re hot off the press. The earlier you catch wind of a piece of news or updates in your industry, the better.

In the world of finance, knowledge is power. Customers will build loyalty with firms who feed them with the latest information and help them stay one step ahead of the game.

Be Careful To Avoid Liability

The number one rule of content marketing in the financial sector is to avoid offering unsolicited advice.

Not only does giving advice subtract value from the service you’re trying to sell, but it also makes you legally accountable for any claims you make. The purpose of online content is to inform your customers with information, not advise them to do X, Y, or Z with their money.

No matter how well-intentioned you are, online content is not the place to offer any financial or legal advice.

How Often Should You Update Your Website Content?

There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to how often you should post web content. However, the key is to be consistent and to avoid long periods of radio silence. Your customers will quickly lose interest or find another source of information if you take your foot off the gas.

Creating a content schedule for at least the next three months is a simple way to keep your content fresh.

Remember — it’s ok to be flexible with your content calendar. If you catch wind of something topical in the news, you can always push your scheduled content to the next week.

Building a successful content marketing strategy is all about listening to what your audience wants to hear and adapting your line of attack to maximise engagement.

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