Why Content Marketing is a Long-Term Investment

Far too often, people see content marketing as a quick, short-term solution for building and growing their business.

While you can certainly achieve some quick wins, the real results are achieved over the long-term. 

Our clients have seen the best results by working with us for a year or more. One of our oldest clients has produced weekly blog content for more than 13 months. Over that period, we’ve grown website traffic by 73.19% or roughly 61,455 new visitors. 

These website visitors have gone on to sign high-value contracts and even become important members of staff — helping the company stay-on-track to achieve their ambitious growth goals.

Keep reading to find out why the best results come from choosing a long-term content marketing strategy and how you can get started.

The Value of Content Marketing

Content marketing allows you to communicate with potential and current clients, build brand awareness by sharing your mission and vision, and ultimately generate leads that turn into sales. 

It’s no wonder it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your business. Research from the Content Marketing Institute shows:

  • Content marketing brings in 3x the number of leads than paid search per dollar spent.

  • Content marketing generates more than 3x the leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.

  • Companies who post regular blog content see a 126% lead growth. 

  • Content marketing brings in 6x the conversions when compared to other methods.

Content Marketing, the Investment that Continues to Deliver

Think of content marketing as a compound investment. Your results keep growing over time. Cutting your content marketing short limits the overall impact and stunts your growth.

Some companies are reluctant to use content marketing till their current projects finish, leads dry up or competitors start stealing market share. But, effective content marketing takes time, so ‘quick wins’ can only take you so far. The real results are achieved over time.  

4 Reasons to Choose Long-term Content Marketing Strategies

1) Opportunities to Review & Refine

Content marketing is not a one and done process. You need to regularly review your website data on Google Analytics to determine what’s working and what’s not. 

It takes at least a month to start getting information from Google Analytics and several months before this data turns into valuable insights. 

These insights allow you to adjust your messaging and create content that clients or customers actually want to read and engage with. And, the better you understand and support your audience, the higher your chances of building brand loyalty and retaining valuable customers.

2) Improved SEO

With 75% of Internet users staying on page 1, you need to get in the top 10 search results to connect with potential customers. 

Securing a coveted position on page 1 for highly competitive keywords is not an easy task. It’ll take work and you’ll need to produce regular SEO optimised content. 

Every time you add a landing page or blog article to your site, it gives Google more content to crawl. Incorporating long-tail keywords and optimising your content for SEO then gives you more opportunity to increase your search results.

When you’re planning your content calendar, it’s a good idea to conduct keyword research and decide how you’ll incorporate these keywords into your blog and landing page content. 

3) More Site Visitors

Online content continues to attract visitors long after you hit publish. 

As people visit your site, Google moves you up the search rankings, which further increases the number of people visiting your website. 

Moving up the search results also allows you to increase your chances of securing valuable backlinks, which brings additional traffic from other websites. 

Together, these factors create a cycle where your content continues to move up the search results and grow your audience and customer base.

So much so, that research shows that blog posts only get 1/3rd of the traffic on the first day, but generate 1-2x this amount over time. 

4) Increased Sales & Customer Retention

You need 8 touchpoints before a customer buys your product or service. Few customers buy the first time they visit your site. 

Creating regular content across a range of platforms and mediums, like social, blog content, videos, and newsletters, provides more opportunities to connect with customers and nurture them along the sales funnel.

As you answer customers' or clients' questions, teach them about your product or service and showcase your expertise, it becomes easier to convert them into paying customers. 

And, once you’ve convinced them to purchase from you, your content marketing efforts continue to build that relationship by helping them to understand your company’s value and additional service/product add-ons.

After all, it’s much more profitable to sell to existing customers than attract new ones. With existing customers, you have a 60-70% chance of closing a deal, while you only have a 5-20% chance of closing with a brand new customer. 

Securing Your Company’s Future

Your company doesn’t just exist in the here and now and neither should your approach to content marketing. 

A long-term content marketing strategy gives you the best chance of building brand awareness, ranking on page 1 and building meaningful relationships with your customers or clients.

Here at Copy House, we excel at building long-term strategies that strike a perfect balance between quick wins and sustained results. Our clients continue to see increased page views, organic acquisition and referrals, delivering value long after the initial investment. 

Find out more about working with Copy House by viewing our service page or contact us for a more in-depth conversation.


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