Learn the Ropes with Our Copywriting Training Course

Do you know how to achieve the best results from your web content?

If you’ve ever felt out of your depth with SEO, then we have the perfect course for you.


Taking place over 11-weeks, our SEO & copywriting training course covers everything you need to know about creating digital content. Head of Copy, Kathryn Strachan, will lead live 45-minute Zoom sessions on how to optimise content, conduct keyword research, customer avatars and much more.


Afterwards, you’ll be given homework to cement your knowledge and make sure you fully understand the concepts. 


Even better, we’ve kept course fees super low so everyone can have the opportunity to improve their SEO knowledge. 


So, are you up for the challenge?

What Does Our Copywriting Training Course Cover?

Between June 2nd and August 11th 2020, we’ll take you through the basics of SEO and copywriting to build your skills and help you improve your understanding of content marketing. 


Here’s what you’ll learn:

What Past Students Had to Say

Don’t Take Our Word For It

It’s all well and good recommending our own course, but what do our students think of it?


Here’s what some of our graduates from our last SEO copywriting training course had to say about their experience…

Zara Chatir, Copywriter in Training

“Having had little/minimal experience in Copywriting previously, joining Kathryn’s course has given me a great insight into the world of SEO and Copywriting. Kathryn is always available to answer questions, guide us through homework exercises and always interested to hear our opinions and ideas. I could not recommend this course enough for those wanting to brush up on their Copywriting skills, or those that were like me and completely new to digital marketing and wanted to learn more. I have even taken the initiate to apply my Copywriting skills in practice by creating my own personal blog/podcast page!"

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Whether you’re looking to start as a freelance writer or improve copy for your brand, knowing how SEO works and why it’s important will open doors to a world of opportunities. Our course is full of actionable advice and tops that you can implement today. Book now while spots last.

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